Creating a CaptureSpace recording

In order to use Kaltura CaptureSpace to record your screen, webcam, or a classroom session, you will first need to add the Kaltura Tools link to your eLC course. If you want to record someone presenting, you will also need a webcam or camera.

Click the link you created in your eLC course. 

This will open a page called "My Media" which shows all of the Kaltura media you own. Click the "Add New" dropdown menu and select "Record a Presentation."

If you have never used CaptureSpace before, you will be prompted to download the Kaltura CaptureSpace Desktop recorder. (If you've previously downloaded the recorder, it will open automatically.)

Download the recorder and open the application. 

Select what you'd like to record.

If you select an option with Screen, you will be prompted to select either Full Screen, or a specific area of the screen to record before recording.

If you select Webcam or Voice, the recording will start after a 5 second countdown.

Once the recording starts, the CaptureSpace toolbar will be down at the bottom of your screen. You can pause your recording, and then start again, or click Done to end the recording.

Once you click Done, CaptureSpace will process your recording and allow you to review the file. You can also make edits at this point. Once you're satisfied with your recording, click Done. (If you want to record again, click Cancel to start over.)

Once you click Done, you will be prompted to give the video a name and description. Add the information. Click Upload to upload the video to Kaltura, Preview to view the video again, and Save to save the file locally to your computer.