Known Issues in eLC

This is a list of known issues in eLC and suggested workarounds.

Awards spins when clicking Edit Properties & Create.

Subject of new message not displayed in bold in Discussions Grid View.

View History Button in Import/Export/Copy Components is no longer available.

Resolved Issues

Videos embedded in content using an embed code from YouTube or Kaltura will not open full screen. 

​​Non-HTML content, such as Word documents or PDFs, will not load in the Document Viewer (Content and Assignment Dropbox tools).

In the Quiz tool, after setting Special Access availability times and saving them, the times shown to instructors are incorrect.

Discussion posts are no longer marked as read automatically as you scroll down the page.

The Binder app will not connect to eLC.

The Assignment Grader app will not connect to eLC. 

When using Insert Stuff, the YouTube search produces an error.

​When using Insert Stuff  --> My Media to embed Kaltura videos, the full screen button does not play the video at full screen.