Adding Video to an Assignment Submission

You can upload video anywhere there is a text editor in eLC, including discussions and assignments

To upload video for an assignment, you have two options. Read the assignment instructions carefully to determine whether your instructor has a preference between these options: Upload a file directly to eLC or Insert your file to the Comments using Insert Stuff and Kaltura My Media. If your instructions do not specify, you may use either method. 

Method One: Upload a file directly to eLC

 Go to the assignment. Click Add a File, then Upload. Locate the file on your computer. Click Add. Then click Submit to finish your assignment. 

Add a file button

Method Two: Insert your video to the Comments box 

Go to the assignment. Click the Insert Stuff button in the Comments box. 

The Insert Stuff button is the first one in the Comments box

Next, click My Media on the left. Click the Add New drop-down menu, then Media Upload.

Click Choose a file to upload and locate your video on your computer. There is a 2GB file size limit.

Once your video has uploaded, give it a title and description. Click "Next."

Adding a video title, description, and tags

Click Insert to add the video to the Comments box.

After adding your video to the comments box, you will also need to upload a file via Add a file before eLC will allow you to submit your assignment. Your instructor may specify what to include in this file, but if not, you might create a Word document that indicates your assignment has been added to comments. 

Submit files, including a placeholder file and video in comments box