Beating Classroom Burnout: Reinvigorating Your Classroom


MLC 372

Presenter: Dr. Meg Mittelstadt, Director, Center for Teaching and Learning

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Event Type: Pedagogy & Practice Workshops

By this point in the semester, our teaching schedules are loaded with major assignments to be graded and we’re working hard to keep our students engaged and motivated.  With many other obligations vying for our attention (both work and personal), it’s easy to for our courses to spark less joy than they did earlier in the semester.

Faculty burnout is characterized by emotional exhaustion, a growing feeling of dissatisfaction, and/or an increasing negative outlook on one’s own work.  University faculty with teaching responsibilities have been shown to experience burnout reactions at a high rate, comparable to that of health services professionals.  When we experience burnout, our teaching – and our students’ learning – can suffer.

Rather than feel like you are holding your breath until the end of the semester, join us for a conversation about coming up for a breath of fresh air.  At this roundtable discussion, we will discuss practical solutions (particularly for the second half of the semester) that can be implemented in the near term, as well as sustainable solutions for future iterations of your course.  Bring your syllabus and a schedule of your course sessions across the semester!