In Search of Charismatic Species (and Authors): How to Write Books for General Readers


MLC 372

Presenter: Christie Henry, Director of the Princeton University Press

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Event Type: New Faculty Workshops, Pedagogy & Practice Workshops, Speaker Series, Special Events, TA Services and Programs

Charismatic megafauna have long been used by conservation and wildlife agencies to engage the general public—polar bears and pandas just two examples. There are species of charismatic books that can be equally vital to conservation, and to conversation: books for general readers. These books, often described as trade books, engage the public in ways that enlighten, educate, and endure. And in an era of severe climatic threats to knowledge, these books can help fortify the scholarly endeavor by cultivating new species of readers. This workshop is intended for faculty contemplating writing for general readers, and will focus on the importance of public communication of ideas, the necessity of author platforms, the potential of agents, and the taxonomy of trade publishers.


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