Moderating Classroom Discussions


CTL North Instructional Plaza

Presenter: Colleen Kuusinen, Meg Mittelstadt, and Zoe Morris

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Event Type: New Faculty Workshops, Pedagogy & Practice Workshops

Discussion, whether large-group or peer:peer, adds a personal dimension to the classroom. Effective discussion also stimulates students to more actively engage in the learning process, encourages collaborative thinking skills, and provides the opportunity for instructors to receive immediate feedback on student understanding. As a result, students gain confidence as they evaluate concepts or synthesize ideas. However, moderating successful, substantial discussions can be difficult. In the first half of this workshop, attendees will begin by exploring the role of the instructor in leading classroom discussions, contrast different instructional purposes for discussions, and consider scenarios representing classroom discussions gone awry. During the second half, a panel of faculty will describe common pitfalls, tips, and strategies for moderating classroom discussions.