Faculty Learning Communities

The Center for Teaching and Learning offers UGA faculty and post-doctoral scholars the opportunity for cohort-based instructional development through its Faculty Learning Communities (FLCs) program.

A Faculty Learning Community is a specifically structured community of practice that includes the key goals of building community, engaging in scholarly (evidenced-based) teaching, and the development of the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (Cox & Richlin, 2004). The CTL provides $500 to each FLC to support community activities. FLCs may have as few as five or as many as fifteen participants. Participants meet approximately once every three weeks during the academic year.

CTL FLCs have the additional goal of sharing the outcomes of their discussions with the larger teaching and learning community (either at UGA or beyond). This FLC Engagement Project (the FLC EP) might take many forms, such as a CTL workshop, a two-page summary of what was learned through the FLC distributed by the CTL, the submission of a journal article, a conference presentation, etc. Each FLC establishes the parameters of the FLC EP within the first two or three meetings and working toward the EP will be an integral activity of the FLC. If you have questions about the CTL's FLC program, please contact Dr. Megan Mittelstadt (megan.mittelstadt@uga.edu).