Mentoring Strategies for Faculty and Graduate Students

Questions students should ask a potential major professor

1. How is the dissertation topic selected, when is it selected, and what is the process for finalizing the method and scope?
2. What are the steps/expected timeline for completion of degree?
3. What are your expectations of your graduate students? (presenting at conferences, publishing, deadlines, office time, lab time, teaching, meeting together)
4. What professional development opportunities, support systems, resources are available within and without the department, assistance for job search, etc.
5. What are your priorities? Research? Teaching? Mentoring? What are your graduated students doing now? What is the climate amongst your students? How many doctoral students are you chairing? How many committees are you on?
6. What type of funding is available? Is there any guaranteed funding and for how long?

Helpful Hints:

Questions a faculty member should ask a prospective student

1. Why do you want a degree?
2. What is your career goal or ideal job?
3. What work/internship experiences have prepared you for graduate work?
4. What are your expectations of me? 
5. Why do you want to come here? Why do you want to work with me?
6. Who has been an influential mentor in your life and why?