“In Broad” Experiential Learning

Sample Syllabi

“’Where I Come From’: Discovering African American Culture on Jekyll Island”
Dr. Valerie Babb, English Dept. and Institute for African American Studies

“Civil Rights in Small Places: The Literary Legacy of Eatonton and ‘Sweet Auburn,’ GA"
Dr. Barbara McCaskill, English Dept.

"History and Practices of American Museums, parks, and Monuments"
Dr. Akela Reason, History Dept.
“Field Study: Literature and Plants of the Cherokee Landscape”
Dr. Channette Romero, English Dept.

“American Literary Modernism in the Museum, Archive, and Historical Site”
Dr. Susan Rosenbaum, English Dept.  

"Topics in Postcolonial Literature: Muslim Immigration, Citizenship, and Multiculturalism"
Dr. Esra Santesso, English Dept.

Additional Readings on Experiential Learning Concepts from the Scholarship of Learning and Teaching

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