Adding Kaltura Course Gallery to your eLC Course

Kaltura CaptureSpace allows you to record your screen, webcam, and classroom sessions. 

To use CaptureSpace in eLC, you will need to add the Kaltura Tools link to your course.

Go to your course in eLC and click "Course Admin"

Click Navigation and Themes. (If you have never edited your navigation bar before, please see Modifying the Course Navigation bar and follow the instructions to make your navigation bar editable.)

Select your  navigation bar and click "Create Custom Link"

Give the link a name, and then click "Insert Quicklink"

Click "External Learning Tools" and select "Kaltura Tools"

Select "Same Window" under Behavior.

We recommend that you limit access to this link to just instructors or teaching assistants. You can add this setting under Availability. Check "Limit to specific roles" and select the appropriate roles.

Click Create, and the link will be added to your course navigation. (Remember that the navigation bar must be active in order for you to see the newly added link. You can change this setting under the Active Navbar dropdown on the Navigation and Themes page.)