Adding captions to a video in Kaltura

This tutorial will show you how to upload an existing captions file for your videos in Kaltura. In order to do this, you must add your Kaltura Course Gallery to your eLC course. (Here's how to add the Kaltura Course Gallery widget to your eLC course and here's how to add the Course Gallery link to your course navigation.)

(Note: if you don't already have an existing captions file, we recommend requesting machine captions in Kaltura to get started.)

1. Go to your course in eLC, and click on "Go to Course  Gallery" in the Kaltura Course Gallery widget or in your Course Navigation.

2. Click on the video you want to caption. It must be a video that you have uploaded or that you can edit. If you don't see the video you are looking for, click "Add Media" to see videos you've uploaded through Insert Stuff.

3. Check the box next to the video and click Publish to add the video to the Course Gallery.

4. Now, click on the video you want to caption. Click Actions ---> Edit.


5. Click on the Captions tab. Click "Upload captions file." (Your file must be in SRT or DFXP format.) 


6. Select the correct language in the dropdown, and give the captions file a label. (This label will appear in the captions selector on the video.)


7. Click Browse and locate your captions file.  Click Save to upload the file.

8. Click the Details tab and click Save to save your changes.

9. Now if you click on Go to Media,  you will see the "CC" icon on your video, and you can click to apply the captions file you uploaded.