Adding the Kaltura Course Gallery widget to your eLC Course

Adding the Course Gallery widget makes the Course Gallery visible to only the instructor (and teaching assistant, if you choose). Students will not see any videos that you upload here unless you use the Insert Stuff button to add a video to a Content page. In the Course Gallery, you can upload video, edit video, and add captions.

Click Edit Course, and under Site Setup, click “Widgets.”

Locate the Kaltura Course Gallery on the Custom Widgets list, and click the Copy icon to make a copy of this widget.

Now, locate the Kaltura Course Gallery – Copy, and click the pencil to edit this widget.

Give the widget a descriptive title (like “Instructor Course Gallery – ENGL 1101”)

Now click the Release Conditions tab. This allows you to restrict this widget to just instructors (and any other roles you want to allow, such as teaching assistant or TA Designer.)

To give a role permission, click “Create and Attach.” Under Condition Type, choose “Role in Current Org Unit.”

Under Criteria, select “Enrolled as” and choose the role that is allowed to see the Course Gallery (such as Instructor.) If you want multiple roles to see the widget, you’ll have to create a release condition.


Click “Create” to add the release condition. You’ll see the role that you added on the next screen.

Now click “Save and Close.”

Now, you must add the widget to your Course Homepage.  Click “Homepages” at the top of the page.

Make a copy of your current homepage by clicking the drop down arrow and selecting “Copy.”

Then, click the copy you created to add the widget.  Scroll down to the widgets area and locate where you’d like to add the widget. Click “Add widgets.”

Locate the widget you created on the widget list. Check the box next to the widget name, and click “Add.”

Click Save and Close. In the drop down under “Active Homepage” make sure to select the homepage you just edited, then click “Apply.”