Adding the Kaltura Course Gallery link to your course navigation

Adding the Course Gallery link to your course navigation makes the Course Gallery visible to anyone who is enrolled in your course. With this option, students can also upload video and you have the ability to approve or reject the video. Any video uploaded by the instructor or approved by the instructor will be visible to anyone in your course in the Course Gallery. 

In your course navigation, click Edit Course. Click “Navigation & Themes.”

To edit your navigation bar, you must first make a copy of your existing course navigation bar. Locate the navigation bar that you want to copy. Click the dropdown arrow and select “Copy.”

Click on the copy you just created, and click "Create Custom Link”

Enter a name (such as “Course Gallery”) then click “Insert Quicklink”

Under Insert Quicklinks, click “External Learning Tools”

Click “Course Gallery”​

Make sure the Behavior drop down is set to “same window”

Click “Create.” Then click “Save and Close.”

Now, under Active Navbar, select the navigation bar that you just edited, and click “Apply."