Uploading Video to Kaltura using Insert Stuff

If you want to share video with your students in your eLC course, you can upload video to Kaltura and embed it to your Content Area in eLC.  To upload video:

Click Content in your course navigation.

Create a module, or click on an existing module.

Click New, and click "Create a File."

Enter a title for the page. Then, click the Insert Stuff button.

Click My Media. 

Screenshot of My Media button in Insert Stuff

At this point, you will see a list of any videos you have previously uploaded to Kaltura. If you click "Add New," you have the option to do a Webcam Recording, a Screen Capture, or a Media Upload. To upload a video, select Media Upload.

Screenshot of Add New dropdown menu and Media Upload link

Click "Choose a file to upload" and locate the file on your computer. 

Screenshot of Choose a File to Upload button

Once the file has uploaded, give the file a title, description and tags if desired. Click Next.

Screenshot of adding title, description, and tags

Click Refresh Preview to see the video.

Screenshot of Refresh Preview button

Click Insert to add embed the video in your Content page. Click Publish to publish the page. Now, the video is visible in your Content area.