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Enhancing Student Learning through Group Projects

Applying Chamber Music Coaching Techniques to Any Classroom Setting

Enhancing Student Learning through Group Projects

Dr. Jean Martin-Williams

Josiah Meigs Distinguished Professor in the Hodgson School of Music and Director of the CTL Lilly Teaching Fellows

Date: February 25, 2014

Location: Georgia Museum of Art


Martin-Williams has found that, in the classroom, successful group assignments result in students who not only understand the material, but can apply and retain the material.  Challenges of good group assignments include how to set up groups, how to assess the groups, and how to ensure that all students participate in a meaningful way.  By demonstrating coaching techniques used for chamber music groups, this talk will focus on skills and tools for meaningful group assignments.  A group of Dr. Martin-Williams’ horn students will participate in the lecture.

About the Speaker

Dr. Jean Martin-Williams has been on the faculty of the University of Georgia since 1990. She teaches horn, directs the University of Georgia Horn Choir, coaches chamber music, and is a member of the Georgia Woodwind Quintet. Dr. Martin-Williams is also the Director of UGA's Lilly Teaching Fellows program and Assistant Director of the Senior Teaching Fellows program.