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How to Get the Most out of College

Student Workshop

How to Get the Most out of College

Ken Bain

Award-winning Author and Pedagogy

Date: August 25, 2014


During this highly interactive seminar, designed for undergraduate students, author and educator Ken Bain--What the Best College Students Do (2012)--helps you understand how you can get the most out of your time at The University of Georgia. Everybody is unique and has special contributions to make to the world. This program will help you look both within yourself and out to others to grow the powers of your mind.  Recent research has found that the brain is highly flexible, and humans can grow their abilities with the right kind of approaches. Based on a study of some highly creative and productive people who went to college, this program will help you tap their secrets for being successful in college and for getting the most out of the time you spend studying. It will help you develop as a creative and critically thinking citizen of your community. You will find that these ideas and strategies will prove essential as you move forward in your college career and beyond. 

About the Speaker

To learn more about Ken Bain, please see: http://ctl.uga.edu/kenbainbio