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How to Learn Deeply and Foster Deep Learning in Others

Faculty Development Workshop

How to Learn Deeply and Foster Deep Learning in Others

Ken Bain

Award-winning Author and Pedagogy

Date: August 25, 2014


Ken Bain, author of What the Best College Teachers Do (2004) and What the Best College Students Do (2012), led this session, designed specifically for graduate students.  The focus was on three questions that are central to the success of graduate students today:  How do people learn?  What motivates people to learn?  How can we improve our own learning?  In this highly interactive program, graduate students had an opportunity to explore some of the important research on human learning and how best to foster it.  They emerged from this session with a better understanding of their own learning and how they can use that understanding to foster learning in others.  Each participant brought their own unique background and understanding to a lively and productive discussion, and emerged from the session with both a deeper understanding of how their current concepts and understandings stack up against the research on learning and motivation.  Those who attended left with concrete strategies for transforming their own learning as well as the learning of any students they may have.  This session is based on two major studies, one exploring "best teachers" and the other "best students."

About the Speaker

To learn more about Ken Bain, please see: http://ctl.uga.edu/kenbainbio