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Institutional Change in STEM Education

Institutional Change in STEM Education

Michelle Smith

University of Maine

Date: November 10, 2013


Instructors, and the teaching practices they employ, play a critical role in improving student learning in college Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) courses. Consequently, there is increasing interest in assessing student content knowledge at multiple points in the curriculum and collecting information on the range and frequency of teaching practices at department-wide and institution-wide scales. Dr. Michelle Smith (University of Maine) has developed two new tools to facilitate assessment of teaching and learning in STEM: a comprehensive content assessment taken by first-year and graduating biology undergraduates called Bio-MAPS; and a classroom observation  protocol for undergraduate STEM courses - called COPUS - that allows STEM faculty to reliably characterize how faculty and students are spending their time in the classroom. Dr. Smith will discuss how Bio-MAPS and COPUS are being used to guide individual and institutional change.