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Teaching Large Classes

Teaching Large Classes

Gary Green

Warnell School of Forestry and Natural Resources, University of Georgia

Date: September 23, 2013


Gary Green, a 2012 Richard B. Russell Award for Excellence in Undergraduate Teaching winner, was recognized for his classroom success due in part to his pedagogy in his Natural Resources high-enrollment introductory course. In this session, Dr. Green will share his award-winning strategies for instructional success when teaching large classes. He describes this sessions this way: “Faculty are often faced by many challenges when teaching a large class (i.e., 100+ students). Some of these challenges concern logistics (e.g., how to move around in a large class, avoid being stuck at a podium or computer, being heard), engagement (i.e., how to generate discussion, keep student’s interest), assessment (i.e., use of exams, papers, quizzes, bonus points), and management (i.e., communicating with 100+ students, grading, time management issues). However, despite these many challenges, meaningful and engaging learning can take place in large classes. This workshop will discuss some of the ways in which faculty can create an engaging  and productive learning environment in a large class.”