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The Trends and Challenges of Emerging Technologies

The Trends and Challenges of Emerging Technologies

Krista Terry

Assistant Professor, Appalachian State University

Date: October 8, 2013


As new technologies and technological trends proliferate, the possibilities presented to educators to engage students in pedagogically relevant and engaging online learning activities are endless. However, as educators, it is also important to critically evaluate the potential of these technologies based on what we know about facilitating effective learning experiences for our students. MOOCs, mobile devices, Google glasses, augmented reality, and educational games are all innovations that have the potential to impact the educational arena on a variety of fronts. Developing a framework through which to evaluate the potential affordances of such technologies and innovations while remaining mindful of good educational practice is paramount as we look to the next generation of emerging technologies. This session will present several emerging trends and technologies and will engage participants in conversations related to the evaluation of their use in educational settings.

Dr. Terry's talk is co-sponsored by the UGA Libraries.