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Why to Bring Students to the Archives (and How)

Why to Bring Students to the Archives (and How)

Julie Golia and Robin Katz

Brooklyn Historical Society

Date: March 31, 2015


It is often assumed that any student exposure to primary sources is inherently good. The creators of TeachArchives.org beg to differ. Over three years, they brought into the archives more than 1,100 early-career college students with majors ranging from pharmacy to architecture to history. After much experimentation, they developed an innovative approach which models document analysis by setting specific learning objectives, pre-selecting a small number of documents, and tailoring prompts for small group work. When done right, archives-based learning can have a huge positive impact on student engagement, individual skill building, course learning objectives, campus goals like retention, and civic participation at large. The talk will push attendees to evaluate their own practices – in and out of the archives - in the interest of excellent pedagogical design.

Co-sponsored by UGA Libraries

About the Speaker

Julie Golia, Ph.D (Director of Public History), Robin Katz (Head of Reference and User Services) - Brooklyn Historical Society