Excellence in Teaching Award

Excellence in Teaching Award (ETA)

Departments may nominate one eligible TA or LA who has received or is being concurrently nominated for the OTA. Only candidates who have demonstrated superior teaching skills and who have contributed to teaching beyond their own classroom responsibilities should be nominated. Nominations for the 2017-2018 Excellence in Teaching Award are now accepting nominations. Please carefully read the following directions as there have been changes to the nomination procedures.. 

PLEASE NOTE** Due to the unexpected UGA closings/delays the deadline for nominations HAS BEEN EXTENDED TO MONDAY JANUARY 22nd at 5:00pm


Departments may nominate only one student for the Excellence in Teaching Award.  The student must have previously received or currently be nominated for the Outstanding TA Award. The student must have met all TA Policy requirements for training and language screening and demonstrated superior teaching skills while serving as an instructor of the classroom or laboratory. The student must have contributed to teaching at UGA beyond their own assigned classroom responsibilities (examples: developed/presented a SoTL project, acted as a lead TA, mentor, preceptor, or by creating teaching materials for other TAs to use.) The student must have had significant teaching responsibilities for at least two terms at UGA. One of these terms must have occurred during or after the fall 2016 semester. The nomination must be submitted by the announced deadline using the appropriate nomination forms.  This nomination form requires endorsement by the graduate coordinator. Previous recipients of the award are not eligible. Student must be currently registered full time.   

(*Please note there are some minor changes to the application process this year)

I. The Graduate Coordinator must nominate the graduate student using the Qualtrics Application.

II. The nominated student is responsible for submitting the following nomination package materials, as a single, PDF package, by the deadline to gradteach@uga.edu:

    1. A cover page with name, department/program, degree, and contact information.

    2. Table of contents with page numbers for each item of application. 

     3. A letter of nomination from a faculty member in the nominee's department, familiar with the nominee's teaching, that describes the contributions the nominee made to the department, University, or the discipline in terms of teaching beyond classroom/laboratory duties. 

     4. Nominee ETA Statement

    5. Teaching Portfolio

  1. A one-page teaching philosophy statement
  2. Description of courses taught
  3. Sample teaching materials
  4. Sample of student work
  5. Innovative teaching projects and roles  
  6. List of professional activities related to teaching at UGA
  7. List of special training or teaching related experiences
  8. Evaluation of teaching (from students, peers, faculty)

Please read directions carefully: The Qualtrics Application should be completed by the Office of the Graduate Coordinator. All fields must be filled out in order for the candidate to be considered. It is the responsibility of the nominee to submit ALL other material to the CTL via the gradteach@uga.edu prior to the deadline.

The deadline for the Spring 2018 Outstanding Teaching Assistant Award and the Excellence in Teaching Award HAS BEEN EXTENDED TO MONDAY JANUARY 22nd at 5:00pm

Please contact Dr. Zoe Morris, Assistant Director of Teaching Assistant Development and Recognition, at zoe.morris@uga.edu with any questions you may have.