Maintenance & Technical Support

The CTL provides support for A/V in many rooms on campus.

Keeping the technology in classrooms running smoothly on campus from day to day is a critical aspect of this office. Aside from performing regular maintenance on CTL owned classrooms, CTL has five staff members stationed in key locations across campus to provide timely assistance to the entire campus with basic technical support for classroom presentation equipment. They also work with the local technical staff to assist with proper maintenance schedules and techniques.

General Technology Maintenance

The CTL Classroom Support and Learning Spaces staff provides regular maintenance to the 120 classrooms directly supported by CTL. By following a robust schedule of maintenance, CTL provides faculty with a largely problem-free classroom environment. They also provide a high level of support in the maintenance of the other 500 learning spaces on campus by working directly with those departments or units on a daily basis. CTL also maintains a supply of spare parts for the common system configurations and can fix most problems quickly with little down time.

For general assignment classrooms that CTL supports, there are often issues that require attention but are outside of the scope of the audio/visual technologies that the CTL staff directly supports. In these cases, the CTL support staff will report issues to responsible campus agencies (such as Physical Plant, EITS, or Campus Reservations).

Classroom Technical Support

CTL's Classroom Support houses five support specialists who assist instructors in different zones on campus. They have offices in each of the zones in order to provide timely response and support to faculty teaching in classrooms across campus. Classroom Technology Specialists respond to trouble calls, schedule training sessions for faculty and TAs and monitor classrooms on a daily basis