Student Veterans at UGA

UGA’s approximately 225 student veterans represent one of the most diverse and globally experienced populations on campus.  UGA's student veterans are enrolled in all 17 schools and colleges and, in the aggregate, continue to perform on-par with the student body at the professional, graduate, and undergraduate levels.  

As a small non-traditional population, student veterans are approximately 10 years older than their peers, more often than not work while attending school, support one or more family members, and do so while balancing a wide range of often competing priorities.

To assist in their success, UGA brings together a variety of services and focuses them on the needs of our student veterans (see right).  At the policy-level, this is facilitated through a senior-level Veteran Success Council and at the operational level through UGA’s Student Veterans Resource Center.



General Insights into Military Culture
Military Cultural Competency, Center for Deployment Psychology 2013 Online Course

UGA’s Student Veterans and Support Resources
UGA’s Student Veterans Resource Center (SVRC) offers awareness classes embedded within two formal certificate programsAcademic Advisor Certificate Program, 2016 & Diversity and Inclusion Certificate Program, 2016

Faculty can sign up for a SVRC-facilitated class through the Training & Development webpage or contact the SVRC for a tailored presentation at your school or college. 

Resources for UGA Faculty Teaching Student Veterans
Coming Home to School: Challenges and Strategies for Effective Teaching with Military VeteransInSight: A Journal of Scholarly Teaching, Sportsman and Thomas, 2015 
Adjustment Issues in the Classroom,  VA Campus Toolkit, Spring 2014
Making your Syllabus Veteran Friendly, VA Campus Toolkit, Spring 2014

Resources for UGA Admissions Specialists and Academic Advisors 
ACE Summit Academic Advising Report on Service Members and Veterans, 2015
Best Practices for Advising Student Veterans, 2013

Resources for UGA Health Care Professionals
University Counseling Core Competencies (UC4), Center for Deployment Psychology, 2016

Visit to learn more about student veterans at UGA or contact Ted Barco at or Lindsay Coco at