UGA Support for SoTL

CTL assists faculty interested in conducting their own SoTL research by offering a number of opportunities to engage in scholarly research at different levels, including:

Step-by-step SoTL guide. Visit our getting started with SoTL guide to help you plan, design, analyze and publish your own SoTL study.

Monthy SoTL newsletter. Join the “SoTL Interest Community” newsletter to be alerted to funding, publishing and professional learning opportunities related to SoTL at UGA and nationally. No more than 1 email per month. Search the archive of our newsletters and sign up at the bottom of this page.

SoTL consultations. Make an appointment to talk SoTL with the Assistant Director for the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning, Colleen Kuusinen. Perhaps you want to discuss survey distribution practices, publishing SoTL work, data analysis, locating sources--or simply need someone with whom to brainstorm ideas. Colleen has expertise in both quantitative and qualitative research, and a vast library of resources to share with you. Email for a one-on-one consultation.

Workshops. SoTL workshops are offered each semester. Topics range from an introduction and overview of SoTL, to designing SoTL research projects, to analyzing data. To suggest a workshop or volunteer to teach one, contact Colleen Kuusinen (

Faculty Learning Community (FLC). Each year an FLC focuses on some aspect of the SoTL research process. To see a complete listing of all current FLCs, visit 

USG SoTL Fellows Program. This system-wide fellows program fosters a community of learners around the scholarship of teaching and learning and provides support while participants design and implement a classroom-based research project. This institute is ideally suited for scholars who are familiar with but not extensively experienced in SoTL research (research projects that are currently in progress are not eligible). In advance of each SoTL Fellows Program USG deadline, the CTL will issue a call for applications from interested UGA faculty. The selected internal applicant must then apply to the USG system for consideration for the program.  Read about past UGA faculty who have participated in the program here

Emerging SoTL Scholar Award. The Center for Teaching and Learning recognizes proposals to the College of Education’s Innovation in Teaching Conference that reflect promising ideas for SoTL studies. Visit our information page to read more about the award and achievements of past winners.  

Video Archive. Each year, CTL hosts a Speaker Series with nationally recognized experts on teaching, learning, and SoTL. All talks are recorded and archived. Below are selected SoTL workshops and talks. To explore our entire video archive, visit           


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