Uploading a Video to the Course Gallery

The Course Gallery is a space where instructors and students can upload video to be shared with the class. If your instructor has added the Course Gallery to your course, it will be accessible either via the course navigation menu or a widget on the course home page. 

To add an existing video to the Course Gallery:

1. Go to the course gallery by clicking the course navigation link or the link in the course gallery widget.


2. Click +Add Media.

3. On the next screen, click the Add Media dropdown, and select Media Upload. There is a 2GB file size limit.

4. Click Choose a file to upload and locate the video file you wish to upload.

5. Once your file has uploaded, give it a name and a description. Click Save.

Your video is now published in the Course Gallery.

If your instructor is moderating video content that is added to the gallery, you will see a message in the course gallery that says "Your additional media will be presented once it is ready and approved. Refresh Now." This means that your video will appear in the gallery once your instructor has approved it.