Nancy Smallwood Media Program Specialist

Phone: 706-542-0524

Nancy is responsible for monitoring and programming University Channel 15 and Instructional Channel 15.2. 

She handles program requests including live campus events as well as taped events which are programmed for broadcast. She creates the monthly schedule for Channel 15 which requires selecting various programs from outside sources, a local server, and CTL’s extensive tape library. She also creates graphic slides for the channel’s “announcement” time periods. She is a member of the University Cable Advisory Committee whose job is to create policies and guidelines in regards to the two channels.

Other responsibilities include maintaining the audio/video duplication services offered by CTL to the university’s faculty and staff as well as the community. Among the diverse conversions offered are the transference of older formats to CD, DVD, and digital files for streaming and podcasting. Nancy also catalogues and archives campus produced and commercially distributed programs for CTL’s media library.