Teaching Support

Get to know your departmental staff. Next to your graduate coordinator, the departmental administrative assistants, degree program specialists, and business managers will be your most valuable source of support for your teaching. They can assist you with everything from ordering books and copying syllabi to scheduling and reserving a/v equipment. Staff members carry with them much experience and expertise, and deserve your respect. Plan ahead. Make sure that you request copies with plenty of turn-around time, so that you will always be able to have the materials you need without inconveniencing others.

The Center for Teaching And Learning (CTL)

In addition to departmental support, CTL offers an array of services to support your teaching, including online teaching resources, teaching seminars, videotaping and consultation for instructional development, mentoring, and other professional training.

CTL also sponsors a number of technology-related seminars and workshops, especially eLC support. In addition to services available to all GTAs, CTL administers the Future Faculty Program. Sponsored by the Graduate School, the Future Faculty Program provides year-long professional development for graduate students seeking careers in higher education. Applicants must be nominated for the Outstanding Teaching Award and supported by a faculty member in their respective departments. For more information go to:

Academic Support

The University of Georgia offers a wide range of tutorial services through the Division of Academic Enhancement. Students can schedule an appointment for free tutoring from the following website: or by calling the Milledge Academic Center at (706)-542-7575. Students may also receive writing assistance from the Writing Center, located in room 66 of Park Hall. Students may schedule an appointment by phone at (706)-542-2119, or by email:

Students sometimes seek private tutorial services, but arrangements for private tutoring must be made on the student’s own initiative. University policy forbids any person responsible for a student’s grade to charge a fee for tutoring said student. Prior to the beginning of class, you should determine from your supervisor whether free tutorial services are available for students enrolled in your course.

For a more complete list of where to go with different teaching issues, click here for the Directory of Teaching Resources.