Teacher of the Week - Christine Franklin

Christine Franklin

    Senior Lecturer of Statistics and     Undergraduate Coordinator

“Her excitement and expertise for the material she teaches create an engaging learning environment.” 

The Center for Teaching and Learning recognizes Christine Franklin as CTL Teacher of the Week. Franklin is a Senior Lecturer and Undergraduate Coordinator in the Department of Statistics and Lothar Tresp Honoratus Honors Professor.

On teaching, Chris Franklin does not equivocate: “it has been a privilege to teach for 35 years.” Her longevity, Franklin believes, can be attributed to a good use of sound teaching strategies. One strategy she employs is investigative learning. Using a “hands on” approach along with simulations, case studies and media to introduce statistical concepts, Franklin prepares her students to visualize the big picture of statistical processes.

Additionally, Franklin feels that utilizing technology in her classrooms has allowed her and her students to see classes from new conceptual perspectives. For the student, technology supports them as they explore what stories statistical data can tell. Professor Franklin also strives to make her classes writing intensive. By incorporating written communication into coursework, Franklin promotes the importance of communication as well as understanding the relevancy of the statistical questions she asks students to consider.

In addition to these strategies, Franklin attributes classroom success to several core, pedagogical beliefs. One of those beliefs has been caring for students as individuals. In so doing, students come to know Franklin as a professor who longs to see them reach their personal goals. Smitha Ganeshan, one of Franklin’s former students, praised Franklin as someone who “takes the time and effort to pour into her students, getting to know us beyond just our names and majors.” Ganeshan added, “Her love of teaching statistics is infectious.”

Relaying the importance of statistical literacy is another of Franklin’s core beliefs. Ensuring her students have the skills necessary to use statistics in daily life is a passion rooted in her desire to see her students become healthy skeptics of statistical information.

Ultimately, Franklin’s central motive is to help students appreciate the beauty of statistics and learning—a lofty goal that is not lost on her students. Haley Bossert, one of Franklin’s students, confirmed as much: “Her excitement and expertise for the material she teaches create an engaging learning environment.”

See Franklin's department bio at: http://www.stat.uga.edu/people/faculty/christine-franklin