Teacher of the Week - Marisa Anne Pagnattaro

Marisa Anne Pagnattaro 

Associate Dean for Research and Graduate Programs and Josiah Meigs Distinguished Teaching Professor, Terry College of Business

“One of the most influential professors and mentors” 

The Center for Teaching and Learning recognizes Marisa Anne Pagnattaro as CTL Teacher of the Week. Pagnattaro is an Associate Dean for Research and Graduate Programs and Josiah Meigs Distinguished Teaching Professor in the Terry College of Business.

Incorporating her research interests into classes is one of the ways Dr. Pagnattaro has obtained classroom success. Another strategy she employs is tweeting law-related news for her students and starting every class connecting the material to the news. She also finds students learn really well by doing. For instance, in her Honors and MBA classes, she has students participate in oral arguments presenting significant Supreme Court cases. The students also review contracts, so they will have a better idea what they are signing in the future. Dr. Pagnattaro is very enthusiastic about how the law affects all of us and hopes that she conveys this in the classroom.

One of Dr. Pagnattaro’s mentors once told her, "Students give back what we give to them." This adage seems to ring true because she is continually enriched and engaged by working with UGA students. She particularly enjoys being on study abroad programs with students and finds that transformative learning takes place during study abroad experiences.  Former student, Melinda Johnson also reiterates the idea of the adage in her comments regarding Dr. Pagnattaro, “I always joke that Dr. P's guidance and recommendation letters single-handedly led to multiple internships, scholarships, and law school acceptances during my undergraduate career, but I genuinely believe she is to thank for the great majority of my successes. Dr. Pagnattaro was one of the most influential professors and mentors during my time at the University of Georgia, and I know her impact on the institution extends far beyond me.”


See Pagnattaro’s departmental biography: http://www.terry.uga.edu/directory/profile/pagnatta/