Teaching / Classroom Observations

The CTL offers classroom observations for those who teach courses at the University of Georgia. The purposes for a having a classroom observation vary.  Some are motivated to use the observation as a formative process to improve their teaching or study aspects of student behavior in their courses.  Others need a letter of support to apply for a state or national teaching award. Classroom observations provide direct evidence of one’s teaching effectiveness within the context of a single class period and provide additional information for faculty, beyond student evaluations, as they consider ways to improve their courses.

Because there are different purposes for requesting an observation, the component parts of an observation cycle vary.  Therefore, it is important for the instructor requesting an observation of his or her class to identify the desired outcomes.  Depending on the purpose of the observation, the CTL can provide different options, including but not limited to:

A meeting prior to the observation to discuss goals and desired outcomes.
A formative letter containing recommendations for teaching improvement.
A summative letter of the observation for a state or national award or addressed to the instructor to use at his/her discretion.
A consultation after the observation.

Please see our request form for more details regarding components and options for teaching / classroom observations.

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Please Note:  Members of the CTL are often asked to supply letters for teaching awards internal to the university, such as the Meigs and the Russell.  We are also sometimes asked to provide letters for inclusion in promotion and tenure dossiers.  For these specific cases, the CTL does not provide letters.   While we are unable to write letters of support for these purposes, CTL faculty are happy to provide support letters for faculty seeking external awards.  For questions regarding this policy, please contact Dr. Laura Crawley, lcrawley@uga.edu.