TA Handbook

A Handbook for Graduate Teaching and Laboratory Assistants

Welcome from Center for Teaching and Learning!

The Teaching Assistant Role

Notes on Your Teaching Assistantship

I. Course Preparation

A. Assisting a Professor

  1. Course Goals, Learning Outcomes
  2. Attendance
  3. Classrooms
  4. Discussion Section/Lab Syllabus
  5. Grading Responsibilities (a brief word)

B. Conducting a Complete Course

  1. Compliance with UGA Policies
  2. Course Design
  3. Organizational Questions
  4. Course Outline
  5. Textbook Selection
  6. Supplemental Materials
  7. Selection of Teaching Strategies

C. The Syllabus

D. Administrative Details

  1. Book Orders
  2. Library Reserve and eReserve
  3. Class Schedule and Location
  4. Classroom Preparation
  5. Field Trips
  6. Office Hours

E. Support

  1. Teaching Support
  2. Academic Support

F. Beginning the Course: The First Day

II. Teaching Effectively

A. Dimensions of Effective Teaching
B. Teaching Methods
C. Lecturing
D. Teaching by Discussion
E. Science Laboratory Sections
F. Language Laboratories

III. Evaluating Students

A. Testing

  1. Development
  2. Format

B. Grading
C. Papers
D. Fostering Academic Honesty

IV. Creating an Inclusive Learning Environment

A. International Teaching Assistants
B. Special Teaching Situations
C. Student-Teaching Conflicts Challenges

V. Concluding the Course

A. Evaluating Student Performance
B. Assessing and Evaluating Teacher Performance
C. Documenting Teaching Effectiveness

  1. Teaching Portfolio
  2. Certificate in University Teaching

D. Closing Down the Classroom

Directory of Teaching Resources