Classroom technologies and configurations vary from room to room.

Technology today is changing at a rapid pace, and it is important that the classrooms at UGA keep up with the latest technologies to provide the best educational environment for our students. The CTL staff routinely updates the classroom configurations to meet these changing needs.

General Assignment Classrooms Configurations

Almost all of the nearly 400 general assignment classrooms are equipped with a data projector, computer input, DVD or Blu-ray player.  Over 200 general assignment classrooms have a full complement of AV and data presentation equipment, as well as data and cable television connectivity and an emergency telephone for immediate support.

Equipment in these "media and technology-enhanced classrooms" also will include most or all of the following:

Larger classrooms with technology will include

Special Classroom Configurations

Many of the classrooms have special configurations depending upon the needs of the faculty. To find out the configuration of a specific room, or to find a classroom with the configuration that you need, call 542-3456 for assistance.