TurningPoint for Faculty: Tips and Tricks

1. If you are using only clickers and not allowing ResponseWare, you can run a polling session without being online. To prepare for this possibility, open TurningPoint Cloud when you are online. Click the settings button at the bottom right (looks like a little gear), and look for the Offline Password option.

Screenshot of creating the offline password

Click Set Password and fill in your password (I made my offline password the same as my regular Turning password). Click Close. 

2. TurningPoint Cloud and the old version of TurningPoint do not play well together. All of our communications are about Cloud, so please be sure that is the version that you are using. To confirm, open your version of TP, then look at the bottom-center of the window - it should say TurningPoint Cloud.

3. If you lose your ResponseWare connection during a session in Anywhere Polling, click the gear icon in the showbar, then choo​se ResponseWare. Then you can choose your Session ID and start the connection again.

4. When running an Anywhere Polling session, you can change the question type by clicking the drop-down arrow to the right of the play button.  (The default question type is a multiple choice question with four possible answers.)

5. Some students may accidentally put their clicker response in the Message Tool instead of the polling environment, which will prevent their answer from being recorded. To prevent this from happening, you can disable Messaging when you run a polling session: