Studio Facilities - Take a Tour

Unlike location shoots, studios offer a more controlled environment for recording crucial audio and video information while minimizing the common pitfalls associated with field acquisition. Studios can save you money since all equipment necessary for recording is already installed and ready for use. CTL has two onsite studios – one sound booth for recording voice-overs and one multi-camera television studio.


Sound Booth
Gretch-Ken "sound-sucker" 4x4x7 isolation booth
8 Channel Mackie Mixer with Dual Talkback
Tascam Professional CD-RW-900 CD Recorder
Tascam Professional DA-60 DAT Recorder
Electro-Voice RE20 Studio Standard Microphone


Television Studio
Studio: 17'x15'x10', Control Room: 6'x8'x8'
Three SD/HD broadcast level cameras with tally
5 FloLight Florescent lights
6 Lowel/LineBeam Halogen spots
Full black curtain surround for "limbo" look
5 person anchor desk with logo mount
Green screen for compositing/chroma-keying