Future Faculty Fellows Program

group portraitThe Future Faculty Fellows Program (3FP), sponsored jointly by the Graduate School and the Center for Teaching and Learning, is a year-long professional development program that brings together 15 innovative and dedicated teaching assistants from across campus to talk about, reflect upon, and improve their teaching, while preparing them for the academic job market and the rigors of their first faculty positions. Experienced teaching assistants with demonstrated teaching passion and who will be preparing for careers in higher education are invited to apply to the program.

The 3FP is driven by and responsive to the current cohort’s development needs, but provides the following at minimum.

  • Promotes professional development by focusing on different aspects of teaching.
  • Helps participants document their teaching experience through the creation of teaching portfolios.
  • Assists in decoding job applications, finding and applying for jobs, and preparation of job application packages (including portfolios, teaching philosophy statements, and diversity statements).
  • Provides access to a network of current and former program participants.
  • Facilitates mentorship opportunities with early and late career faculty members here at UGA.
  • Encourages the scholarship of teaching and learning (SoTL).
  • Provides resources to develop their own teaching.
  • Supports participants’ efforts to improve teaching in their respective departments.
  • Offers opportunities for institutional service through mentoring, facilitating other graduate students’ professional development, and other activities.

2019-2020 Future Faculty Fellows


Josephine Bou Dagher, Biomedical and Health Sciences Institute

Khanh Bui, Language and Literacy Education

Jamie Lynn Byram, Financial Planning, Housing, and Consumer Economics

Christina Crespo, Anthropology

Kelly Cronin, Geology

Lauren Essler, Microbiology

Anastacia Janovec, Communication Studies

Jenn LaRue, Hugh Hodgson School of Music

Eric D. Magrum, Kinesiology

Rachel Ranschaert, Educational Theory and Practice

Harshani N. Rathnaweera, Chemistry

Jaleesa Reed, Textiles, Merchandising, and Interiors

Jeff Scott Shelton, Sociology

Aarya Venkat, Biochemistry and Molecular Biology

Andrew G. Wiggins, Microbiology

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All applicants must have met all TA Policy requirements at the time of application.

  • Teaching Experience:
    • Applicant must have had significant teaching responsibilities for at least three terms at UGA.
    • Application semester can count towards these terms.
    • Being an instructor of record is not required.
  • Enrollment:
    • Applicant must be in terminal degree program.
    • Applicant must be currently registered full-time at the time of application and for the duration of the program.  
    • Priority is given to applicants within 1 to 2 years of graduation.
  • Previous Future Faculty Fellows are not eligible. 
  • Only two applicants will be considered from any given department. Should more than two applications be received from any department, the graduate coordinator for that department will be contacted to indicate which two applications should be considered.
  • Applicants should be able to demonstrate teaching passion, dedication, and innovation.


In 2021, the Future Faculty Fellows Program (3FP) will be shifting to a calendar year (January to December) program. Based on feedback from recent years’ cohorts, this shift will better align program outcomes with participants’ career schedules and goals. Program components and outcomes will remain the same. In order to still provide a substantial professional development opportunity for students graduating before December 2021 (who would be ineligible for a program running through December 2021), a one-time only gap semester program will be offered in Fall 2020 (August to December). This program will be an intensive version of 3FP with a weekly rather than bi-weekly commitment. The primary activities and outcomes for this semester-long program will include assisting with TA Orientation and Fall 2020 TA Cafes; developing a Teaching Portfolio, including a Teaching Philosophy Statement; teaching professional development sessions; and a Fall Retreat. While any graduate student meeting the 3FP application criteria is eligible for this one-time only gap semester program, priority will be given to students graduating before December 2021 or who would otherwise be ineligible for the new calendar year program.

Applications are now being accepted for the Fall 2020 Intensive Cohort. Applications for the 2021 Cohort will be accepted beginning Fall 2020.

All materials for the Fall 2020 Intensive Cohort are due February 28, 2020.

TA Policy requirements at the time of application.


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Have a faculty member at UGA familiar with your teaching complete this survey on your behalf. Completion of the Applicant Survey will trigger a request to complete this survey to the faculty member you indicate. Please follow up with the faculty member to ensure they complete the survey.

Questions regarding the Future Faculty Fellows Program should be directed to Dr. Zoe Hensley Morris, Assistant Director of Teaching Assistant Development and Recognition, Center for Teaching and Learning at zoe.morris@uga.edu.

Want to learn more about the program's history? Check out the following:

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  • Morris, Z.M., Horan, E., Barnes, M., Catalana, S., Coffman, R. and Ishibashi, C. (2017). Evaluating how a graduate student learning community can enhance teaching, mentorship, and collaboration. Poster for the 2017 Conference on Higher Education Pedagogy, Virginia Tech, VA. See poster

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