Teaching Awards

award winners holding awardsThe University recognizes the significant contribution graduate students make to the instructional mission of the University with several teaching awards and with the Future Faculty Fellows Program.

The Center for Teaching and Learning administers the Outstanding Teaching Assistant Award (OTA), sponsored by the Office of the Vice President for Instruction; and the Excellence in Teaching Award (ETA), sponsored by the Graduate School. The prestigious Future Faculty Fellows Program (3FP) is also housed in the Center for Teaching and Learning.

Nominations for OTA and ETA are due annually in January. Applications for 3FP are due annually in March.

Please be aware that there may already be specific nomination procedures for teaching awards in your department. Please contact your Graduate Coordinator about these procedures.

Please contact the Assistant Director of TA Development and Recognition with any questions you may have.

Previous Winners

Click the links below to see previous five years of winners of the OTA and ETA Awards. For winners prior to the years listed, please contact the Graduate School directly.

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