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MLC Reading Room

University teachers often want to make use of new instructional technologies in their classrooms. This interactive session is designed for instructors who want to make effective use of online resources in teaching their face-to-face, blended, or entirely online courses. The focus of this Award Winning Faculty Series talk will be using eLC effectively, particularly for exam administration, grading, and student feedback. Throughout this session, best practices for multiple-choice exams, essays, and term papers will be examined. Both instructor and student perspectives of using online pedagogy will be explored, along with considerations for the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning projects. The session will conclude with a discussion of how UGA online teaching and learning will likely evolve in the next 10 years based on current data and rapid growth projections, as well as how opportunities might develop for participating departments, programs, and instructors. Details

Event Type: Speaker Series


MLC 372

Opportunities to get to know students in small groups and supportive seminars are a part of the FYO design. A time, space, and setting for students and teachers to speak and listen to one another are also pieces of a successful mentoring blueprint. This workshop is an opportunity for faculty to share their strategies and experiences as mentors. Details

Event Type: FYO Workshops

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