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Complementing the strategies shared in the “Active Learning Strategies” workshop earlier in the semester, this session will build upon active learning research and provide a range of practical, active learning strategies that participants can employ in classrooms of all sizes. Those who attend this workshop can anticipate briefly learning about a segment of the active learning research and spending a majority of the time participating in a range of active learning strategies. Details

Event Type: Graduate Teaching Assistant Workshops, Pedagogy & Practice Workshops


MLC 372

This workshop is designed to orient participants to the processes and practices that are used to perform student learning outcomes assessment. The session will begin with a brief overview of the background and context for assessment at the University of Georgia. We will then explore the key elements that are found in student learning outcomes (SLO) assessment plans and then provide clear guidance regarding how to design each element within the plan for successful assessment implementation. Topics will include the assessment cycle; the differences between program and course level assessment; writing measurable learning outcomes, employing direct and indirect measures; and specific guidance for the implementation of a well-constructed assessment planning. Details

Event Type: Pedagogy & Practice Workshops

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