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Room F/G within the University of Georgia Center for Continuing Education & Hotel

Rachel Toor draws on her experiences both as an editor of scholarly books and now as a creative writer to outline the reasons she thinks so much of academic writing stinks (hint: one of the biggies is fear) and give her top ten strategies for how to write better academic prose (including almost too-obvious-to-speak-aloud tips that often get overlooked). The talk will be geared to academics at all career levels, from graduate students to full professors who care about writing better. Details

Event Type: New Faculty Workshops, Pedagogy & Practice Workshops, Speaker Series, TA Services and Programs


North Instructional Plaza (CTL)

There are many ways to collect evidence of student learning, but determining what methods will provide the most useful, trustworthy, and actionable information for your academic program may be overwhelming. This session will introduce and explore different direct and indirect methods of collecting data for program assessment purposes. Details

Event Type: Pedagogy & Practice Workshops, Student Learning Outcomes Assessment

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