Kaltura Media Storage and Streaming

Kaltura is a media storage and streaming solution. Kaltura replaces the USG Podcasting service, which was decommissioned on June 30, 2015. Kaltura can be used for course-related content in eLC (see below), or for non course-related content outside eLC via kaltura.uga.edu. Units that are interested in using Kaltura for non course-related content should complete this Kaltura support request form to obtain access to Kaltura.

Using Kaltura in eLC

You can now upload video to Kaltura using eLC.  There are several options available:

Adding Video using Insert Stuff in eLC: This is a good option if you have existing video that you'd like to add to your course for students to view.

Kaltura Course Gallery: If you need add captions to a video, edit video, or upload a video before it’s available to students, you may want to add the Kaltura Course Gallery to your course. The Kaltura Course Gallery displays all videos that have been uploaded to Kaltura via your eLC course. You have two options for adding the Course Gallery to your eLC course. Both of these options allow you to add captions to your uploaded videos.

Resources for Students

Resources for Captioning Your Kaltura Videos