Learning Technologies Grants

The purpose of the Learning Technology Grants (LTG) program is to enhance teaching and learning at the University of Georgia through the innovative use of technology. Up to $25,000 per project is available to support work aimed at developing, implementing, and evaluating the use of technology to positively impact student learning. Funded through the Student Technology Fee, LTG projects are focused on bringing students into contact with technology in innovative ways, for learning purposes. The Center for Teaching and Learning functions as a creative partner in the process, and administers the grants with guidance from the Learning Technologies Advisory Group.

Visit our proposal submission form to submit your FY25 proposal by April 8th, 2024!

Funding Eligibility

All full-time faculty at UGA are eligible to apply for a Learning Technologies Grant. Funds can be granted to academic departments and to other units providing educational services to students, such as University Libraries, Student Affairs, CTL, and EITS. 

To be eligible for this funding your project must adhere to the following restrictions and requirements:

Use of Funds
  • Funds may be used for hardware, software, graduate or undergraduate student support, and/or technical consulting. For more information about the use of student technology fees at UGA, please review USG Business Procedures Manual 24.3.1 (Mandatory Student Fees).
  • Funds may not be applied to faculty release time or summer salary, travel, or replacement of existing laboratory or classroom equipment. Routine upgrades should not be requested through this program.
  • Project budgets must be spent within the fiscal year of the award.
Project Design
  • Project must include the use of instructional technology (not including scientific/laboratory equipment) in a way that connects students directly to the technology in a way that benefits their learning and is intended primarily for their use. For example, funds may be used to purchase equipment or software to allow students to create videos for a class, but funds may not be used to support the creation of an instructional video that students will simply watch in the course of their learning.
Project Personnel
  • Project must have a project director who is a full-time tenure or non-tenure track faculty member. The project director is expected to play a significant role in project development and implementation.
  • Project must include at least one undergraduate team member (may be named at the time of the proposal or selected following the award notification).
LTG request should not exceed $25,000 for one project.

Selection Criteria

The Center for Teaching and Learning reviews all LTG proposals and awards funds in concert with guidance from the Learning Technologies Advisory Group. The selection committee will consider the extent to which a proposal demonstrates the following:

  1. Grounding in principles of effective teaching.
  2. Connection to UGA’s priorities around teaching and learning (e.g., active learning, experiential learning, affordable learning, etc.).
  3. Likelihood of enhancing the learning experience of students in a significant way.
  4. Degree to which the proposal represents an innovative or novel use of technology for learning.
  5. Anticipated overall impact, including both the number or proportion of students affected, and the scope of the innovation (e.g., department-level vs. UGA-wide; sustainability over time; potential application to other academic areas; etc.)
  6. Reasonable expectation for success:
  • Project budget covers resources needed to see the project to completion – including additional funding from other sources as needed.
  • Unit-level support for the work (e.g., faculty release time, equipment and software matching, space allocation and renovation, personnel support, etc.).
  • One-year timeline to completion is reasonable, given the personnel involved.

Expectations of Grant Recipients

The CTL should be seen as a creative partner and collaborator in Learning Technologies Grant projects. With this in mind, a CTL faculty consultant will be available to the project director to provide guidance throughout the funding period. In addition, project directors will be expected to:

  1. Provide a progress report to the CTL by early February during the year of the award (instructions will be provided).
  2. Provide a final summative report to the CTL by August 31st, following conclusion of the award year.
  3. Spend all grant funds awarded within the fiscal year of the award.

Grant recipients may also be asked to share their results with the UGA community via a short article, workshop, or video presentation. 

Proposal Format & Submission Instructions

Proposals for this funding are accepted during the Spring semester through the Learning Technologies Grants Proposal Form. The Call for Proposals typically goes out in January, and closes in April. Complete proposals are submitted via the online form, including submission of your proposal and supporting materials in PDF form. An LTG Project Submission Template is available for download from the linked form.


Please contact  LearnTech@uga.edu with questions.

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