Mid-Semester Formative Evaluations


Collecting feedback from students about their experience in a course is a great way to better inform our teaching choices, and to increase our effectiveness as instructors. Ideally, you should aim to collect feedback from students around weeks 4-6 of the regular semester. This provides enough time for students to form opinions about the course, but also leaves ample time for you to course-correct as needed.

You can collect feedback by way of a simple survey to students, or by taking advantage of our facilitated Mid-Semester Formative Evaluation (MSFE) process. Either way, the goal is to find out (1) what is going well for students, and (2) what suggestions they have. This approach gives you the opportunity to identify (often easily corrected) challenges students are encountering in your course, and to help them understand your reasoning behind things you ask them to do.

The CTL offers MSFEs to UGA instructors teaching on our Athens campus, during weeks 4-9 of a regular semester. We are also happy to discuss feedback you’ve collected through a survey, and to help you develop your response.

During an MSFE, a CTL team member will engage your students in facilitated small and large group discussions, collecting both written and verbal feedback from them along the way. This process takes 20-25 minutes of class time and allows us to clarify student suggestions and gain insight into degrees of consensus or disagreement among students. After the MSFE (typically within one week), you will meet with your MSFE facilitator to discuss your students’ feedback, and to identify your desired responses.

Please note: we are unable to provide MSFE services during the Spring 2021 semester, but hope to resume soon.

For support developing a survey for your students, or interpreting and responding to collected data, please reach out to us via https://ctl.uga.edu/contact/.

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