Teaching Video Library

UGA Center for Teaching and Learning Video Archive

This video archive contains footage from the CTL teaching and learning seminar series.

  • UGA Faculty on Teaching

    Containing the following videos: Tiffany Washington, Paige Carmichael, Jennifer Palmer, Shawn Glynn, William Finlay, Carolina Acosta-Alzuru, Pratiba Varma-Nelson, Andrew Owsiak, Cynthia Ward, Jeb Byers, Jay Hamilton, Jeffrey Berejikian, Shari Miller, John Knox, Jean Martin-Williams, Peggy Brickman, Ron Pegg, Gary Green

  • CTL Invited Speakers

    Nancy Chick, Randy Bass, Dave Kung, Mark McDaniel, Helen Chen, Valerie Otero, Kate McConnell, Henry Rodiger, Saundra McGuire, Elizabeth Wardle, Jill Sible, Terrel Rhodes, Todd Zakrajsek, Julia Golia and Robin Katz, Ken Bain, Jon Rubin, Michelle Smith, Jose Brown, Terry Doyle, David Wiley, Lisa Dupree McNair

  • CTL Resource Videos

    Concept Mapping: What is it and why do it?

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