Learning Glass

What is the Learning Glass?

The Learning Glass is an innovative lightboard technology that redefines how recorded lectures are presented. Using the Learning Glass, instructors are able to present lecture material in a more engaging way for the learner. Rather than having their backs turned to the class while writing information, the instructor is able to maintain face to face contact with the students watching the recorded video.  Lightboard technology has a distinct advantage over conventional dry erase boards. Dry erase boards are almost always white in color which produces a very high contrast that can be problematic for video cameras. Video cameras have problems balancing foreground light against background light. If the background is too bright, the result is the silhouette effect. This problem is most common when recording a subject in front of a window or white background such a large dry erase board. The Learning Glass solves this problem.

During the recording, the instructor stands behind the Learning Glass and presents the lecture to the camera while writing information on the Learning Glass as needed. The instructor will write normally, left to right, on the Learning Glass. The image is then inverted during the recording process so that students watching the lecture video are seeing the written information properly.



How Do I Use it?

The Learning Glass is a One-Button Studio recording setup.

Developed by Penn State University, the One Button Studio is an automated video recording system that can be used without any previous video production experience. The design of the studio allows you to create high-quality video recordings without having to know anything about lights and cameras. You only need to bring your Mac compatible flash drive with you and push a single button.

When you are finished recording you will have an .mp4 file on your USB drive. The .mp4 format can be played on most media websites (e.g. YouTube, Facebook, etc.). The mp4 can also be edited with mainstream editing programs for the Mac and Windows computer systems.

General Policies

To view more information about One Button Studio policies, please use the following link:

Lightboard General Policies (PDF)


The One Button Studio is available from 8:00am to 5:00pm, Monday through Friday (excluding holidays and when UGA campus offices are closed)

To reserve the Learning Glass Studio, please use the following link:

CTL Learning Glass Reservation Form

As UGA faculty and students, there is no charge to use the Learning Glass Studio using the One Button Studio system. However, if you need editing assistance, the CTL offers professional editing services at the rate of $50 per hour.

For more information about using the One Button aspect of the Learning Glass, please visit our One Button webpage:


Please remember to bring a Mac compatible 4GB or greater USB flash drive formatted for FAT (File Allocation Table). You can use Apple's "Disk Utility" program to format it to FAT.


Proper attire

To create the illusion of writing in the air, the Learning Glass studio is based on a "limbo set" or all black. Therefore, it's important you don't wear dark colors. Also, avoid clothes with fine textures or patterns which could cause an unwanted moiré pattern with video cameras.

Location and Hours

The Learning Glass Studio is located in the South Plaza of the Center for Teaching & Learning, between the Psychology and Journalism buildings on the campus of the University of Georgia.

For more detailed information, please contact Krystal Pintar (kpintar@uga.edu, 706-542-6686)

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