Emeriti Scholars

One who travels the road best is one who makes the road smoother for those who follow.

Emeriti Scholars was established in 2001 through the initiative of distinguished retired University of Georgia (UGA) faculty members including the driving visionary, Sylvia Hutchinson. The group’s purpose is to engage eminent retired scholars for continued contribution to the academic culture of the University of Georgia.

At the time of founding, the Emeriti Scholars was sanctioned by the University of Georgia’s Office of the Provost, Institute of Higher Education, Teaching Academy, and Center for Teaching and Learning (CTL). Today, the Emeriti Scholars is supported by the CTL, which provides coordination for the group. The current contacts for the group are Ian Hardin (ianhardin1@gmail.com, phone: 706-354-8604)  and Jamie Adair (jamie.adair@uga.edu, phone: 706-542-1355). 


The name of the group, Emeriti Scholars, was selected to reflect the retired faculty status of its members, and their devotion to promoting high quality scholarship at the University. Eleven retired faculty members with demonstrated excellence in teaching and significant contributions to the University (many as participants in the University’s Senior Teaching Fellows Program) were invited to become charter members of the group. The Charter Members include: Gilles Allard, Geology; Robert Anderson, Physics; Joseph Berrigan, History; Jean Bowen, Higher Education; Bernard Dauenhauer, Philosophy; William Flatt, Foods and Nutrition; Thomas Ganschow, History; Richard Hill, Chemistry; Sylvia Hutchinson, Reading Education and Higher Education; Genelle Morain, Language Education; and, Ronald Simpson, Higher Education.


The vision of the Emeriti Scholars is to contribute to a campus culture that recognizes and nurtures the continuing achievements and involvement of outstanding faculty members and personnel who have chosen to retire from full time employment.

Benefits to University

The benefits to the University of the Emeriti Scholars is leadership from a core group of experienced and achieving scholars, and recognition of the continuing scholarly activities, achievements, and professional connections of emeriti scholars.

Benefits to Scholars

The benefits to the participants in the Emeriti Scholars include an endorsement of the continuing commitment to one’s discipline, intellectual achievement, and university through a planned and nurturing atmosphere and academic relationships, as well as campus recognition.

Current Active Members

The Emeriti Scholars comprises a small group of 20-25 active members. The current members are:

  • Jeanne Barsanti, College of Veterinary Medicine
  • William Barstow, College of Arts and Sciences
  • Gary Bertsch, School of Public and International Affairs
  • Nancy Canolty, College of Family and Consumer Sciences
  • Ronald Carlson, School of Law
  • Dorinda Dallmeyer, College of Environment and Design
  • William Eiland, Georgia Museum of Art
  • Freda Scott Giles, College of Arts and Sciences
  • Ian Hardin, College of Family and Consumer Sciences
  • David Knauft, College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences
  • Paul Kurtz, School of Law
  • Daniel Nadenicek, College of Environment and Design
  • Clifton Pannell, College of Arts and Sciences
  • Sylvia Hillyard Pannell, College of Arts and Sciences
  • James Porter, School of Ecology
  • Thomas Reeves, College of Education
  • Peter Shedd, College of Business
  • Ronald Simpson, Institute of Higher Education
  • Anne Sweaney, College of Family and Consumer Sciences
  • Fran Teague, Department of English
  • Brahm Verma, College of Engineering
  • Svein Øie, College of Pharmacy
  • Rebecca White, School of Law
  • Maurice Daniels, School of Social Work
  • Diane Batts Morrow, College of Arts and Sciences

Recently Active Members Who Have Passed On (*) or Resigned (**)

  • Delmar Dunn (*)
  • Ian Firth (*)
  • Marguerite Koepke-Hamburg (**)
  • Tom Lauth (*)
  • Art Rosenbaum (*)
  • Edward Kanemasu (**)

Charter Members

  • Gilles Allard, Department of Geology
  • Robert Anderson, Department of Physics
  • Joseph Berrigan, Department of History
  • Jean Bowen, Institute of Higher Education
  • Bernard Dauenhauer, Department of Philosophy
  • William Flatt, Department of Food and Nutrition
  • Tom Ganshow, Department of History
  • Richard Hill, Department of Chemistry
  • Sylvia M. Hutchinson, Department of Reading Education and Institute of Higher Education
  • Genelle Morain, Department of Language Education
  • Ron Simpson, Department of Science Education and Institute of Higher Education


Emeriti Scholars holds informal lunch meetings on the first Monday of each month (except in the Summer term). The general agenda for meetings includes presentations on a topic of interest to members, progress reports of on-going projects/activities, brainstorming on new ideas, and enjoying fellowship. Activities by individual participants include mentoring of students and faculty members, teaching classes, continuing disciplinary research, and support of various university programs.

Emeriti Scholars support the Founders Day Luncheon where the Presidential Medal (designed by Barbara Mann) is awarded each year. Founders Week recognizes the university’s anniversary as the first state-chartered institution of higher education (The signing of the University of Georgia Charter took place on January 27, 1785.).

Operating Practices

Emeriti Scholars maintains no formal committees, or recorded minutes and voting. Volunteer ad hoc groups do the Emeriti Scholars needed work; decisions are made by consensus. A designated small group has overall responsibility for coordinating Emeriti Scholars activities for an academic year. This includes organizing and presiding over the monthly lunch meetings; providing input and support for the annual Founders Day Lecture; and forming ad hoc groups as needed.


Emeriti Scholars is a relatively small group of 20-25 active members. New members are invited with the concurrence of the current members at the end of an academic year (in May) to fill seats vacated by members choosing to become inactive in the following academic year. Historically, 2-4 new members are selected annually to maintain the 20-25 active members group size.

Eligibility: Any retired UGA faculty member who had an appointment in a tenure-track or non-tenure-track position at any faculty rank is a potential candidate for membership.

Contact Information 

Ian Hardin
Emeritus Professor, Textile and Polymer Science

Jamie Adair
Administrative Associate, CTL

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