If you are considering using an OER, you may be concerned about where to go to find resources, and also how to evaluate the resources you find.

Because there is not a central repository for OER materials, there can be a wide variety of accessibility and quality.  The following content is designed to help you locate and evaluate OER.  If you have questions or would like a consultation about OERs, please contact us via email: OER Consult.

Additional Open Textbook Options

  • MERLOT (Multimedia Educational Resource for Learning & Online Teaching) was developed and is currently hosted and managed through the California State University University system. MERLOT is a searchable database of links to open content, including textbooks. Resources may or may not have been peer-reviewed.
  • OpenStax College, an initiative of Rice University, is a nonprofit organization publishing free textbooks with foundation support.  All OpenStax books are developed and peer-reviewed, and many have been used successfully in several courses at UGA, ​including BIOL 1103/1104, BIOL 1107/1108, PSYC 1101, and SOCI 1101.
  • OpenStax CNX is a platform within OpenStax College where faculty and students can view and share free educational material.  Content in this area is typically not peer-reviewed, and can be organized as courses, books, or other materials.
  • Global Text Project is an initiative out of the Terry College of Business at UGA that offers another option for uploading and sharing OER with a searchable database.
  • Affordable Learning Georgia is an initiative funded by the Board of Regents of the University System of Georgia.  This group has been awarding grants for different courses taught around the state of Georgia. Their website also includes additional resources and an excellent tutorial for using OERs. 
  • GALILEO Open Learning Materials - Administered by Affordable Learning Georgia, this site lists open textbooks and ancillary materials developed within the University System of Georgia.
  • ProQuest ebrary is a searchable database of 125,000 multidisciplinary titles through the UGA Library.  This content includes ebooks that may or may not have undergone a peer-review process.


Copyright and Intellectual Property Guidelines for UGA Faculty and Staff

Understanding Copyright and Fair Use

Regents Guide to Understanding Copyright and Fair Use
Provides faculty, employees, and students of the University System of Georgia with a basic understanding of copyright and fair use.


Regents Guide to the TEACH Act
The University System of Georgia guide to the TEACH Act. The Technology, Education and Copyright Harmonization (TEACH) Act was enacted in November 2002 as an amendment to the Copyright Act of 1976. Found in section 110(2) of the Act, it covers distance education as well as face to face teaching which has an online, web enhanced, transmitted or broadcast component.

When do you need to get copyright clearance?

Principles of Fair Use
Regents' guidelines for understanding fair use.

Fair Use Checklist
Download a PDF copy of the Fair Use Checklist

Legal Advice

For questions concerning copyright/fair use law and the Board of Regents' guidelines contact the Legal Affairs Office: 706-542-0006

Additional Resources

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