Copyright and Fair Use

Copyright and Intellectual Property Guidelines for UGA Faculty and Staff

For any copyrighted (non-public domain) materials an instructor desires to use in the classroom, ask:

  1. Does the instructor have express permission to use the materials, either by license or because the copyright in the materials belongs to the university or the instructor?  Instructors can reach out to the UGA Library to inquire about a material’s license type.

  2. If no express permission, can copyrighted materials be usable without express permission? Potentially yes, via the TEACH Act or Fair Use Doctrine – see below for more information.

Understanding Copyright and Fair Use

Regents Guide to Understanding Copyright and Fair Use
Provides faculty, employees, and students of the University System of Georgia with a basic understanding of copyright and fair use.


Regents Guide to the TEACH Act
The University System of Georgia guide to the TEACH Act. The Technology, Education and Copyright Harmonization (TEACH) Act was enacted in November 2002 as an amendment to the Copyright Act of 1976. Found in section 110(2) of the Act, it covers distance education as well as face to face teaching which has an online, web enhanced, transmitted or broadcast component.

When do you need to get copyright clearance?

Principles of Fair Use
Regents' guidelines for understanding fair use.

Fair Use Checklist
Download a PDF copy of the Fair Use Checklist

Legal Advice

For questions concerning copyright/fair use law and the Board of Regents' guidelines contact

Marshall Chalmers

Course Packs & Reserve Materials

UGA Library E-Reserves
Faculty can setup electronic versions of reserve items with this library service. With E-Reserves students can download and print many reserve items from home or campus.

Build online course packs students can purchase. This service also provides copyright clearance on materials.

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