Teaching Portfolios

The CTL supports graduate students in creating Teaching Portfolios that document their teaching experiences. Portfolios provide and contextualize evidence of teaching experience, effectiveness, and development. While job or award opportunities asking for teaching portfolios can vary widely in their requested components, typical categories include, but are not limited to:


  • Teaching Philosophy Statement
  • Academic Diversity Statement
  • Documentation of Your Teaching
    • Course descriptions including your responsibilities
    • Sample teaching materials (syllabi, assignments, assessments)
  • Materials Demonstrating Student Learning
    • Sample student work
    • Sample instructor feedback
  • Teaching Effectiveness
  • Teaching-Related Professional Development
    • Participation in workshops, seminars, professional meetings, or courses on teaching
  • Contributions to the Teaching Profession and/or Your Institution


See below for sample portfolios. Additional sample portfolios and portfolio consultations are available through the Center for Teaching and Learning.

Megan Barnes (PDF)

Mary Helen Hoque (PDF)

Chioma Kas-Osoka (PDF)

Viviane Klen Alves (PDF)

Caitlin Reeves (PDF)

Additional Support

The Center for Teaching at Vanderbilt University has an excellent overview of teaching portfolios, including general guidelines, the role they play on the job market, and additional samples and resources.

 Digital teaching portfolios are also increasingly popular. "Do I Need a Digital Teaching Portfolio" from Edutopia offers some good tips for developing an online version of your teaching portfolio. For a sample of a digital portfolio, please see Dr. Karyn Olsen's digital teaching portfolio.

The Graduate School's Portfolio Program is designed to provide graduate students with feedback and official recognition on a portfolio documenting their UGA teaching experiences. Submission deadlines for this program are available on the Graduate School's website. Additionally, a one-credit-hour course is also offered by the Graduate School to help students develop their portfolios. Check Athena for details about GRSC 7950: Developing an Academic Teaching Portfolio. This course requires POD. Please contact Judy Milton, jmilton@uga.edu, at the Graduate School for more information about this course.


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